Vodafone 1210

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Boring post perhaps, but we’ve got a few more phones on trial – I’m trying to persuade them that Blackberries are hard work – we don’t run Exchange Server and the grief we have to go to getting emails working on those things…

We’ve had much better results with Active Sync on WindowsMobile devices. Last time I has a Vodafone v1605 (for the FoWA 2007 event – it was great as a PDA, but not a very good phone), this time I’ve borrowed a Vodafone 1210 which is more phone sized but still runs Windows Mobile.

So it’s the same width and thickness as my K750i, about half an inch longer – it’s phone sized. Quite confortable in my pocket, it looks neat, and so far battery life has been acceptable. I’ve not used it much as a phone yet – I wouldn’t call myself a power user – but the few times I have it’s performed quite well, so it qualifies as a phone, and I’d be perfectly happy to carry it around.

We got Active Sync talking to our Kerio mail server without much hassle, but we’ve got the hang of that now with WM5 devices. Yes, it handles email well – perfectly capable of reading emails, and if you can bear the restrictions of using the numeric keypad to type in (it does t9 predictive text, but what phone doesn’t?) it will send too.

The keyboard restrictions and the reduced features of the Smartphone edition of WM5 limit the things usefulness as a PDA – but it’s a phone so who cares?

The Internet browser worked as expected, quite useable given the limitations of the screen and keypad.

My main bugbear – it’s not got a camera.

Given that though, if I wanted a phone with email, it’s a definite contender. But there are still a few more to try…

WM5 irritation

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So what is it that irritates me most about WM5? It’s got to be the lack of feedback about why things aren’t working.

I’m a bit of a geek, and a fiddler, and have a great talent for pushing boundaries and breaking things. But also for persevering and eventually getting things working as well as possible.

I’ve also recently been breaking the habit of a lifetime, and have started to RTFM – perhaps this is my problem?

OK – specifics – I ‘acquired’ this PDA of mine to experience the Internet on mobile devices (other than my phone) and to do this you normally need Internet connectivity. So I’m trying to get wifi working with some success, and I wad hoping to get my phone to provide access via bluetooth when wifi isn’t available.

Connectivity through the phone has been a total no-go so far – it seems to want modems and phone numbers. Wifi access when it works is great, but it can be a right fiddle connecting sometimes – and here’s where some form of feedback would be great.

There’s no convincing indication that connectivity is in place, other than trying to connect to something like Google. I miss the command line, ipconfig and ping.

My current suspicion is DNS but without some decent utilities I can’t prove that. I have tried installing or using a variety of connection managers including Hitchhiker but none are working.