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So here’s the thing – I heard some Lou Reed on TV last night and I realised I hadn’t heard Transformer for far too long, so this afternoon I decided to finally get around to digging out and plugging all the various bits of my good-old-fashioned analogue hi-fi together again after far too long.

Having got over that fact I seem to have mislaid Lou Reed, the first album that caught my eye from my cherished vinyl collection as I scanned for something to put on was Fairground Attraction “The first of a million kisses”.

So I breathe a deep contented breath, close my eyes, lean back in the chair and wonder why the hell it is that I haven’t done this for … probably a good 10 years!!! My mind wanders further, and I realise that I’ve had this album for almost two decades, and although a few tracks on side one are like old friends I don’t know if I played the whole album more than a couple of times, but it’s great. So what other gems are in the modest collection of 200 odd LPs that I once put so much thought into? Given that most of the music is probably more than 20 years old – what have I missed in the mean time? Yikes – there can’t be enough hours in the day to find out what I’ve missed or am missing!!!!

But then I realise I have the same thought when I browse through my boxes of old novels looking for the next book to read again, and discover an old favourite, or something I once bought and never got around to reading, and also when I look for a film to watch out of the DVD collection (at least I finally threw all the videos away after they went mouldy or I’d have them to worry about too).

Half way through side2 (oh how I love vinyl – so tactile!) and I’ve decided that I don’t care. In all the various collections I have squirrelled about in cupboards or sheds, on shelves and in boxes (and don’t get me started on tools, or bits of electronics) I’ve got more than enough to keep me fully occupied and amused for the rest of my life even if I worked at it full time – what does it matter if I’m missing other stuff – what I’ve got already is more than I will ever need and it’s all just fantastic even if it is often more than 20 years old!

As I mellow with time, it seems I’m becoming content with what I have – the grass is pretty green over here so why worry about the other side of the bridge?

I love vinyl!