Norfolk Enchants – Nimmo Twins

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Nimmo Twins - Normal for Norfolk“Feeling Lucky, Buh?….You’ve got Norfolk Enchants!”

I was at the first night of the rescheduled run of the Nimmo Twins “Normal for Norfolk 11: Bat out of Hellesdon” at the Norwich Playhouse last night, and it was worth the wait. Good to see Karl’s humour (hoomur) seems to have survived his ‘incident‘.

As ever, old characters and content and new (I was also at one of the previews last April), but all righteously hilarious, especially for those who know and love Norfolk. Not for ‘foreigners’ from Ipswich though, or those easily offended.

From a song about the Puppet Man to the tune of Elton John’s Rocket Man, to a speech on behalf of the Mardy Party, to the City Councillors and of course everyone’s favourite She-gew.

It would seem the theme this year is the word ‘mardy‘, and an ongoing fascination with ‘taking it up the wrong’un

Would I go again? “umfug gnu!

Nimmo Twins – Normal for Norfolk

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nimmo_twins.jpgBest wishes to Karl Minns, and all those caught up in the aftermath of his recent clash with Norfolk lowlife – I’m a regular at the Nimmo Twins Playhouse shows and was due to go twice this week – once as part of our works festive jollities, and later on our regular pilgrimage with friends and family.

I’m trying to think of something humorous to say about it, but it’s not remotely funny. I can only hope that no permanent damage is done and he soon returns to normal (for Norfolk!) – and I eagerly anticipate the show if it goes ahead.

Shag antlers

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An inspired phrase I heard at a recent performance of the Nimmo Twins, and oddly for them a joke that works equally well outside Norfolk and not intended to specifically take the mick out of poor souls from Ipswich (and they have a not too polite version of what IPSWICH stands for!).

What are ‘shag antlers’? The tatoo sometimes seen on womens lower backs that can suggest they’re up for it.

Lower back tatoo