Bye-bye handheld stylesheets?

Filed under: mobile,opinion,web development — jaydublu @ 5:55 pm

opera.jpgFirst Safari mobile on the iPhone, now Opera Mini 4, it would seem that the trend for mobile browsers is to pretend they’re a Desktop, and to persuade sites not to dumb down the presentation enabling the browser to wow us with zooming etc. they’re ignoring handheld stylesheets. However, new CSS3 features like media queries which allow different stylesheets to be included based on for example screen size.

As discussed on Unintentionally Blank a few weeks back, the reasoning seems to be to save the users from the developers who apparently all want to dish up ‘dumbed down’ sites for mobile devices.

But surely we all agree that mobile devices are not desktop devices – you use them in different contexts and have different requirements. Whilst I appreciate that not all mobile users want a dumbed down site, let’s have choice rather than imposition. And taking away tools that can have a positive benefit if used properly is removing choice.