When to rebuild?

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This post can relate to so many things – stylesheets, php code, glass fibre moulds – at some point when you’ve gone through a few iterations of an agile like process, you start thinking “If I’d known I was going to end up doing this, I would have started differently”

When you’re so close to completing, yet you know deep down it’s getting messy overcomplex and perhaps not as ‘nice’ as it could be, the decision of whether to leave it as-is because it works or to take the opportunity to rebuild everything before you go any further becomes almost unbearable.

But then I suppose is that not what the perpetual beta is all about, and eventually you get the opportunity to go for v2.0 (or 1.0 even)? In the mean time if it’s not doing any harm, leave it alone – you know it will only open up another can of worms if you start from scratch again!

Agile is here to stay

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According to alistapart:

 Agile is here to stay. The economic difficulties of the past months have finally put waterfall out of its misery; now more than ever, long requirements phases and vaporous up-front documentation aren’t acceptable. Software must be visible and valuable from the start.

I can see exactly where they’re coming from, but it still scares the sh*t out of me – Agile makes sense, but it can still lead to chaos. But then I’ve seen traditional projects run amok too.

The fundamental principles of Agile ring true – get stuck in early, prototype, little iterative cycles, get everyone involved and commenting – but I fear the discipline required for ‘someone’ to keep an eye on the big picture and finally manage to complete the last iterations to ‘finish’ is a rare commodity.

But I do agree that the future is (probably) Agile.