All 4x4s are bad?

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From the BBC News website:

Villagers resigned to a weekend of no Harry Potter due to rising flood waters were cheered to receive a surprise from their local postman.

Richard Yates, of Harvington near Evesham, Worcestershire, was unable to do his normal round because of floods.

He loaded up his car [a 4×4] with pre-ordered copies of the new Harry Potter book which were in the sorting office and delivered them around the village.

A neighbour said it was a wonderful gesture in the midst of flood misery.

Firstly – the guy deserves an award – posties like that (and our local chap, Dave, I can believe would have done similar – he’s a star too!) probably don’t get enough recognition – they make a very real difference to people’s lives.

But my main point is to say that occasionally – and I may be clutching at straws here – us 4×4 drivers do manage to justify our vehicles. When circumstances get bad – flood, snow, all the other things that Mother Nature can throw at us – you’ll be wishing you knew someone with a 4×4 to get you out of trouble.

Am I a bad person for driving a 4×4?

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I love my Landrover Discovery. I’ve had a Landrover of some sort for around 20 years now – from an ex-military Series III Lightweight, through a ’79 Range Rover which is in a pile of bits waiting for time, enthusiasm and budget to ‘have some fun with’, and a ’64 Series II.

My daily commute is almost a pleasure in my 4wd armchair, and on occasions I get to pull tree roots out, tow stranded vehicles, or pull loads of hay around.

But I’m being made to feel increasingly guilty because of my excessive carbon footprint.

Now I’m quite good the rest of the time – I very rarely go on holiday so no frequent flyer miles for me. We’re very good at recycling, and try to keep our energy use under control.

Discos on the whole aren’t as bad as they’re cracked up to be – mine has a 2.5 litre turbocharged diesel engine, and on average I get around 550 miles out of a 70 litre tank full. If I had a 4.2 litre v8 supercharged Range Rover Sport (as much as I would dream of one) or a Tuareg, or those silly Porsche things.

I’m not saying the rest of my life is perfectly eco-friendly, but I don’t think it’s too bad. Aren’t I allowed a little luxury?