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I’m stumped by a supposedly simple problem with using wget to regularly fetch a snapshot from a webcam over a not-too-reliable network connection to then push to a website. If the connection fails wget overwrites a good file with a 0 byte one – how can I get it to leave the original intact?

Here’s my script (simplified – mine actually fetches 4 images and writes to two ftp accounts):


# fetch images, store them locally
wget --user=#### --password=#### -O video2.jpg
# ... next images

# now push them to a webserver
ftp -in <<EOF
  open my.domain.co.uk
  user ##### #####
  put video2.jpg
# ... put other images

Ideas I’ve had but not been able to realise yet …

  1. Scour the wget manpage for some option to only overwite the output file if sucessful
  2. Get wget to output to a temp file, wrap in script testing filesize to overwite the ‘real’ file if filesize > 0 bytes
  3. Get wget to output to a temp file, wrap in script testing wget repose to overwite the ‘real’ file if response contains ‘saved’
  4. Somehow put logic in the ftp script to only upload files > 0 bytes

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  1. FSIZE=`stat -c %s $FILENAME`
    if [ “$FSIZE” -gt 0 ]
    echo “File is bigger than 0”

    Although I’d be tempted to call “file” or Imagemagick’s identify on the bigger-than-zero file and see if it’s a valid jpeg too – one of my cameras sometimes outputs totally unreadable image files of near-normal length.

    I have a faint feeling that you can tell wget to do a thing if it gets a zero length file too. Don’t quote me on that.

    I’ve been doing long-term stop motion with my webcams – if you want a script which identifies night time (well, dark) frames, so they can be dropped from a movie, let me know. I also have a handy images-to-movie script too. HD capable! Adjustable frame rates! http://vimeo.com/20836160

    Be interesting to see a year from the lighthouse.

    Comment by mat — April 8, 2011 @ 2:00 pm

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