Don’t let the b******d machines win!

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Believe it or not, I don’t think I really like computers – they’re the most frustrating, irritating, stress inducing devices I can imagine. But, it seems I do have a particular talent for getting them to do what I, or others, want them to do.

Of course I would like to say that part of my apparent success is due to years of study and experience having given me the ability to ‘think like a machine’ – or more accurately to be able to appreciate at quite a high level what’s going on inside the little black boxes – but I would also say that another part is an innate stubbornness and determination not to be beaten by a sliver of silicon.

Some days, no mater how hair-brained an idea you come up with might be – it just ‘works’. Other times, even the simplest most proven task fights back and you get nowhere, or as is often the case seem to go backwards. But I hold a strong belief that if machines and the things they do for us are to be worth anything, they should work for us rather than us having to work around how the machines want to do things.

Of course I’m not really suggesting that there’s some deep ‘conspiracy of the machines’, or that they have to handled like some wayward puppy you’re trying to house train, but I would suggest that to succeed in getting the most out of machines you do have to persevere and for goodness sake don’t let them see any fear in your eyes!

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