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I happened to be passing Cameron Moll’s Authentic Boredom site which I delve into every now and then, and read with interest his revisiting of predictions on the iPhone some time after the release, and having been using one. Now I haven’t had the oppotunity to play with one yet, and as described elsewhere I’m less than impressed with Windows Mobile offerings.

“As for the iPhone overall — hardware, software, user experience — I remain completely satisfied and even in awe in some instances. The deeper I dive into the UI, the more I’m impressed with decisions made at every level within the experience of using it. Simply stated, this is one killer device.”

OK, that makes me want to give one a spin – perhaps they are worth the hype. But then I want to get my hands on a Nokia N95

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  1. General opinion among people I know who’ve got their paws on an iPhone is that it looks really cool, but using it is peppered with frustrations and annoyances, for which the frankly awesome UI does not entirely compensate. You know you can’t even send MMS from them? (and even if you could, it would be dead slow ‘cos it’s all EDGE and stuff).

    Apparently the Euro version (sometime late this year) is going to be 3G, with MMS support. But even then, it’s not like you can install stuff on it without Apple’s express permission, or put mp3s on without using iTunes, etc. etc.

    I had an N93 earlier this year, did a review of it here, and another moblogger reviewed the N95 here

    What I want is an OpenMoko handset. A hackers iPhone, if you will.

    Comment by mat — August 6, 2007 @ 1:26 pm

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