FOWA London 07 part II

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A suprising number of spare seats have started appearing, but I’m hanging in…

Mark Flanders, Adobe, run through of Flex and a plug for Apollo. Very interesting, would like time to play, but not inspiring yet. Perhaps it’s too early in the morning. Impressive examples of performance increase going from ActionScript 2 to 3. If I was an ActionScripter I’d be excited.

Chris Wilson from Microsoft, with a great background to his time at Microsoft (he’s been working on IE since 2.0!) trying desperately hard to persuade that they’re ‘passionate about standards’ – yeh, I think he convinced me. Great quote from his boss when they were developing IE7 and fixing loads of things and finding that as a result a lot of sites broke … “I’m really concerned we’re breaking stuff in the name of goodness and that all users and developers will walk away with ‘stuff’ broke”. Which led to the mantra “Don’t break the web”. With great power comes great responsibility! Oh, and confirmation of something I’ve been trying to tell my guys – “It’s not technically possible to have EXACT multiple IE versions on the same machine” – use VirtualPC instead.

Khoi Vinh, some good UI / design stuff, but I’m a geek so I snored. Actually I didn’t – I caught the odd great quote to thrill and impress people with every now and then, probably my favourite “if you’re going to offend anybody, offend experts not beginners”.

Now for the good bit – Simon Willison on OpenID, and I got absolutely, stupendously excited about it, and reslised why all anyone was blogging about yesterday was Kevin Rose’s announcement that digg were getting behind it (damn, I didn’t write that did I, because it didn’t mean anything to me then). OK, I get it now, and it’s going to be HUGE. So later netvibe said they’re doing it, and but I don’t know if anyone noticed. Anyway, much to play with, and I’m going to do something with it because it’s a Good Thing.

What else – Google docs and spreadsheets – sorry, just a bit too smug for me.

Some nice open mike spots – how to run a Virtual Office, JEDI or Just Enough Documentation for Interaction (=Agile Documentation) very cool and I’d love to take that back to work. And opinions on Web2.0 hots and nots.

The one I came for – Daniel Applequist from Vodafone on the future of mobile – I was hoping for a bit more I think but because I’ve done wuite a bit of research myself (and perhaps been polluted by Luca Passani) I didn’t hear anything new. Never mind. A plug for which should be investigated.

Rasmus Lerdorf, the father of PHP with a great bit of history, and a preview of what I’ll be doing tomorrow morning (If I remember which workshop I booked) i.e. benchmarking and profiling, and a great little bit on exploits and a few things I hadn’t seen before. Great guy. And some good quotes for a presentation I’ll be doing in a few months on Open Source Software. – why print isn’t dead, and a classic case of a great idea run by people who love their product. As they say their product (business cards) is 300 years old, and many, many people are doing it. The way they do it, and the community they’ve built up, and it’s a great story.

Finally, a spirited presentation about who launched a beta version of their new interface today.

So favourites – Rasmus was great, Moo was enjoyable, but I’m still buzzing about OpenID.

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