New Toy – Palm Treo 750v

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It’s only on loan, but I’ve got a Palm Treo 750v to play with for a week or so – it’s a smartphone running Windows Mobile – the immediate difference from my PDA is that it’s also a phone – 3G GPRS can be used for connectivity. It’s a smaller screen, and has a ‘real’ qwerty keyboard. Oh, and no WIFI, which means I feel guilty using up any transfer.

Even if I had the chance I don’t know if I’d want to keep it – it doesn’t sit as well in my trouser pocket as my K750i, and not as nice to use as a PDA as the Loox. And now I’ve fifured out how to get the phone to provide GPRS connectivity to the PDA – I didn’t blog that did I? Use *99***1# as a number for the ‘modem’ to dial and it uses GPRS – I get the best of each role, but with two devices.

I wonder if I could get hold of a Qtek 910?

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