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It surprised me how relieved I was last night when I took my SIM card out of the smartphone I had on loan and fired up my usual phone – normality returned, and there was almost a sigh of satisfaction.

It’s hard to pin the blame on any one aspect of the newcomer – it was a bit too big, it wasn’t a very good phone (usability of that side was terrible) nor was it a very good PDA (screen res was only a quarter of the Loox – 240×320 instead of 480×640). The 3G GPRS was impressive, but even though I wasn’t paying the bandwidth I still felt guilty and longed for guiltfree WiFi.

Having said that I feel the experiment was a success – I now know I’m happier with a phone being a good phone, and a seperate PDA.

Now who did I lend the Loox to?

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